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Migrating from Thy Phone to Microsoft Phone Link on Windows 11

Now that Microsoft have added iPhone support to Phone Link for all Windows 11 users you may wish to migrate to their app for the additional features (Messaging, Contacts etc) and ongoing support. Only one application can be registered with a phone device at a time so you'll need to unregister Thy Phone before setting up Phone Link. There are two methods available:-

Reset Thy Phone

You can either go to Settings in Thy Phone and select "Reset Connection" to remove the link with your phone. 


Or uninstall Thy Phone which will also unregister it. 

Ongoing Support

Thy Phone will continue to support calls and audio sharing on other Bluetooth enabled phone devices which are still not supported by Microsoft Phone Link such as Nokia, Windows Phone, Blackberry etc. With this new focus a future update for Windows 11 will remove the notifications functionality and streamline the user interface for these supported device types. The existing version will continue to be available on Windows 10 and support iPhone including Notifications.

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